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Rebekah Koch

Birth Doula

When I was pregnant with my oldest child 3 years ago, I had questions. Lots of them. I did research anywhere and everywhere I could, I searched every corner of the internet for advice, and I talked to everyone I knew. I also hired a doula. As soon as I met my doula, I knew she was the best answer I could find. She was always available, she pointed me in the right direction for answers to all my questions, and she helped reassure me when I was sure I didn't know what I was doing. Once my son was here, I knew I wanted to provide that help to someone else.
I'm still the person who does too much research, I still try to always find an answer any way I can. I love that I can now do that to help mothers through the scary, wonderful, and amazing time of pregnancy and childbirth. I will always try to help reassure you, to find you answers, and to encourage, support, and strengthen you every step of the way. 
Contact me with any questions you have, or even just to chat and see what Empowered Birth can mean for you.

Mariah Thompson

Postpartum Doula

Is there anything sweeter than a little newborn baby? I have taken care of so many babies, toddlers, children and preteens through my work as a nanny, and now as a doula I'm taking care of the wonderful moms who are bringing these new lives into the world. I'm an expert at providing a comforting touch, encouraging words, and a push when you need a little extra strength.
I will always give you all of my undivided attention to make sure you get the care and support you deserve. I am so excited to help you meet this amazing baby you have spent months caring for. Send me an email, text, or phone call and let's talk about what having a doula can mean for you.