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Why Should I Use a Doula?

Birth doulas can play an important role in a birth experience. Doulas provide one on one care, physical and emotional support, as well as knowledge and information, to both the birthing mother and their partner. Studies have shown that using a doula can provide numerous benefits to a mother both emotionally and medically.

Increase in spontaneous birth, shorter labors, higher APGAR score for baby


31% decrease in use of pitocin

pregnant female feeling the pain of contraction labor in hospital
Water Birth

25% decrease in risk of Cesarean delivery


10% decrease in use of pain medication

Postpartum Doula Support

Our postpartum doulas are available for in home help once for you and your new family. We provide the assistance you need to transition smoothly into parenthood. 

Household Assistance

By providing assistance with basic household duties, your postpartum doula allows you to rest and recover while still enjoying a clean home.

Emotional Support

A postpartum doula is available to talk, answer questions you may have, and listen to you while you process the first few months of motherhood. This emotional support is invaluable for combating postpartum anxiety and depression.

Breastfeeding Support

If you choose to breastfeed, your doula can help you with any difficulties you may have, as well as being available for feeding support

Rest and personal time

Your postpartum doula is available to take care of baby, allowing you to rest, shower, relax, and take a moment of personal time.